Norton Safe-search is a protection technology created by Symantec Firm to assist users identify malicious sites. Safe World wide web offers data about harmful websites based upon user responses and computerized analysis. Corresponding to Symantec, it is estimated that about 80 percent of Internet threats are from adware, spyware, viruses, and Trojans. Users may not continually be aware of the sites they check out, and over time, their practices may modify and orient them to these kinds of harmful infections.

The main aim of Norton Safe Search is to provide users with a dangerous of prevention of these types of disorders. Each time you visit a website, you are given an extension or web address. If you have an Internet browser that does not support this kind of extension, the browser can provide a caution including “You are not able to view this site because it is part of Windows. ”

The goal of this extension is always to allow an internet browser to determine whether a several site is safe or includes potentially harmful elements. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can use the Microsoft Net Block (MIR) feature that allows you to configure which noted websites will be included in the set of “scammed” sites. Users can also set the MIR to block all ads, all record types, and search engine results. However , many advisors recommend that users take even more extreme measures which includes using a free of charge web filtering software to avoid future scratches. This is exactly what the Norton Safe Searches extension accomplishes by allowing users to search engine results and determine if websites are included in attack to do this.