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There clearly was a propensity to be overly principal inside the a great dating, what is actually often problematic to suit your mate

Leo and you will Aquarius is actually each other about identity, but in another type of means. Leo would like to get noticed towards main phase, when you find yourself Aquarius notices identity and you may individuality because something which renders an effective community far more colourful. Into the north node into the Aquarius, you have to transportation from the earliest attitude so you’re able to next. This is simply not basic it requires time, your warmth and Erotic Websites dating app you can innovation would be a real gift in order to the organizations knowing to add new lunar nodes.

A keen Aquarius north node regarding natal graph suggests that you you would like lots of appeal. Your crave become treasured and you may recognized, just what often fuels your self-rely on. That is one of the biggest weaknesses of the north node inside the Aquarius. Whenever effect hurt or threatened, there is a powerful remove to-fall back on the south node inside Leo. When this happens, your usually occupy a beneficial boastful, conceited attitude. This may succeed problematic for you to definitely it’s the perfect time and you can affect anybody else.

Either your display conceited and bossy behavior. Authority circumstances can be repeated into the north node in the Aquarius. You’re regularly they that individuals fulfill their wants, however in the long term, you can aquire what you would like as a result of venture, maybe not offering commands. You will be a leader once you know in order to put each other nodes.

This may damage the bill of one’s relationships

Brand new southern area node inside Leo what to an enormous pride. These individuals thought on their own essential, that they without a doubt is, but other people are important. (mais…)