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In order to Piaget, intellectual creativity is a modern reorganization off mental process as the good results of physical maturation and you can environmental sense

? They is targeted on invention, in place of studying by itself, which does not address learning of information otherwise certain practices.

? It recommends discrete development stages, designated of the qualitative variations, unlike a progressive boost in amount and you may difficulty out-of habits, concepts, facts, etc.

The reason for the theory should be to explain the systems and you will procedure in which the little one, and then the guy, expands with the an individual who can also be cause and you may believe playing with hypotheses.

Youngsters build an insight into the country up to them, upcoming sense discrepancies ranging from what they already fully know and whatever they look for within their environment.


Piaget said that degree cannot just emerge from sensory sense; some very first design is necessary to make sense around the world.

According to Piaget, youngsters are created with an extremely earliest rational framework (genetically handed down and you may advanced) on what all the further reading and you will degree try depending.

Schemas will be the earliest foundations of such intellectual activities, and invite us to function a psychological symbol of the world.

Piaget (1952, p. 7) discussed a schema due to the fact: “a cohesive, repeatable step series possessing part procedures which can be securely interconnected and you can ruled because of the a key definition.”