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Afterwards NCDU 11 are enlarged for the 13 boy assault groups

Because of the April 1944, a total of 34 NCDUs were implemented so you’re able to The united kingdomt when preparing having Process OVERLORD, this new amphibious getting in the Normandy.

Examined in the handle: Normandy D-Date invasion

Six men regarding Kauffmans Naval Combat Demolition Unit 11 (NCDU-11) was in fact sent to The united kingdomt initially out of November 1943 in order to start agreements to clear new shores towards the Normandy attack. The brand new Scouts and Raiders have been in addition to implemented first off their recon of the Normandy Coast.

General Rommel, Hitler’s greatest army Field marshal, had followed brand new detailed protections found on the French coastline. Such creatively provided metal postings passionate to the sand and topped which have explosives. Higher step 3-flood metal barricades named Belgian Doors had been place really toward browse region. On top of that, the guy strategically place bolstered mortar and you may machine-gun nests. The Scouts and you will Raiders invested weeks collecting suggestions throughout nightly surveillance missions up and down brand new French coastline. Reproductions of the Belgian gates were constructed on the new South Shore out-of England on the UDT to train demolitions to your. The techniques of your own UDT would be to hit the latest gates flat, not to ever shred and you can pass on them along the shores, and so performing more of a barrier towards advancing troops.

Boys equipped with naval offshore guns, which included bombs and shells, provided the initial attack towards the a couple Western obtaining beaches out-of Omaha & Utah. (mais…)