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Joining Shields of your Empress [ ]

Race of Dorin [ ]

Kol, close to Aria, fought together in space inside the Race from Dorin, crippling the new Separatists boats, and breaking the blockade so you’re able to supply the Republic a good opportunity to break in with the planet and you will 100 % free it out of Separatists handle. Both ruling their soldiers was winning, actually fighting on the planet close to Jedi Learn Plo Koon who were able to save yourself society out of Nute Gunray.

Will ultimately adopting the Competition out-of Dorin, Kol along with his sibling went to Taris shortly after both watched a good vision off an unidentified lady shape who was speaking of Kerz-Tak , who was simply their Sith predecessor, and basic member of their family. Immediately advising the fresh Jedi Council, the 2 brothers had been permitted to see Taris, but questioned to not have a duplicate trooper companion, as it carry out place them in peril, and they did not need certainly to exposure the lives. (mais…)