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The united states Is not a country, It’s an organization!

– To even start to know what features took place to the Republic, we have to search backward over time into the several months pursuing the Civil War. We should instead go back to the year 1871, which was the start of the fresh new ine how it happened in that time in the records, i start to patch together that it troubling, perplexing secret which is “America” – only next would be to i address on if we’re in reality a beneficial “free” some body or not. – – because of the Lisa Guliani, )

Humankind Is actually Not as much as Occult Assault – Juri Lina is completely right-about the fresh Founding Fathers and exactly how it deceived all of us. Do not have any actual liberties; it’s all an impression. We simply have the fresh new rights the Authorities lets us enjoys, in addition they can change him or her when, which they along with manage, often without having any dumbed off society also realizing it. Wes Penre – – because of the Dr. Henry Makow, )

This new Strange Rosicrucian Who was the father of one’s Western Republic – Inside the Secret Future out-of The usa, Manly Hallway, Bacon’s really expertise progressive student, is the looks in america, prior to the signing of Declaration regarding Liberty in the 1776, of a mysterious Rosicrucian philosopher, a strict vegan exactly who ate simply dishes one grew above the floor, who was simply a pal and you will professor from Franklin and you can Washington and you can whom did actually keeps played a crucial role regarding the founding of the latest republic. – – Part 11 of: Great Magic: Number St. Germain from the Raymond Bernard -(Posted right here: Saturday, )

The british Judge Program regarding Mixed Prominent and you can Roman Rules Enjoys Been Used to Enslave All of us(A) – The united states are a firm, and you may Congress are an excellent ‘body politic’ – each other are Roman layout incorporations (make-faith vessels) in modern production/possession of your Pontifex Maximus (Pope) of your own (however existent) Holy Roman Empire. (mais…)